Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless heaters sales have been flourishing lately. Energy savings and unlimited hot water are the features most often touted by the tankless heater industry, and quite a smaller footprint is usually mentioned. While they offer an unlimited supply, they arent without their very own problems. Storage type heaters have been standard in the United States, but in recent times tankless water heaters have started to make an impact. Lots of people know about storage (tank type) water heaters, where youve got a huge tank of heated water ready & waiting for when you require it. The water could be heated with electric heating elements, gas flames, or any other techniques. Storage or tank heaters have a couple of potential problems, the first, is they use additional standby energy as compared to tankless water heaters, and second, you could easily run out of heated water.


Tankless heaters have few disadvantages to them as well. For one, tankless heaters have a flow switch in water line that easily turns them on when enough flow is detected. Normally a flow of about ? gallon each minute or more is needed to turn the unit on. This pretty much eliminates the idea of having access to low-flow. With tankless heaters, the higher flow rate of water, the less hot the water will be if you dont have the proper sized unit. With a bathtub you normally turn on the water with full blast so it does not take too long to fill tub. Usually the faucet at tub will have highest flow rate of any kind of fixture in your house, usually seven gallons every minute or more. With ordinary tankless heaters you end up with a tub full of lukewarm water. If you want to try to fill it slowly to get it much hotter, it will take a long time to fill so that it will become cold before you get in anyway. Therefore, if you like to bathe in a hot tub, you better ensure you get a bigger heater to handle that job.

tank or tankless

Tankless heaters are significantly more expensive as compared to the storage heaters and complex too, so they are pricier to repair if anything goes wrong. They also require larger flues and if theyre electric, they usually require special additional heavy wiring. Another problem with these tankless units is that they will take longer to get hot water into the fixtures; meaning that you waste water, which isnt of course environmentally friendly. Reason is that when you turn the hot water on, the flow switch turns on too and it starts to heat the water. But to reach full temperature water should travel through entire heater. Now youve to dump out cool water in hot water piping, as well as cold water in water heater, before you start getting hot water into the fixture.

How to Handle On-Demand Heaters

Circulating systems dont work with tankless heaters as either flow of hot water will not be enough to turn the heater on, or it keeps the heater turned on all the time. Neither scenario will actually work out well in your behalf. However, theres a way to solve the long wait and wastage of water problems. A demand system would work with the tankless heater and also with storage type water heaters that offer the advantages of faster hot water delivery and eliminating running of water down into the drain. The demand of hot water pump installs at furthest fixture from the heater, and links to the cold and hot water lines. When you need hot water, you just need to press a key & the system will start working automatically and you will start getting the warm water after a couple of seconds and when you turn off the faucet, the heater will shut off itself. That way you can get the hot water more quickly to the faucet and you do not run any water down the drain while you wait. Also you do not need to fill the cold water line with the hot water. You save water, time and money. Typical savings could amount to more than 15,000 gallons each year for a family of 4 members. An on-demand system used with a tank-less heater makes an outstanding package which is environmentally friendly and allows you to save both energy and the water.

Tankless water heater system works as well with storage kind water heaters, and if youre considering such system, you may check with the water company as few provide rebates for these kinds of systems. Ensure to check if the pump is strong enough to turn the flow switch on, as not all pumps are tough enough. If your main concern is having limitless amounts of hot water and you could live with few drawbacks, a tankless unit is an ideal choice for you.