The Basic Rules for a Good Game of Paintball

Games are meant to help us relax and have fun. They are designed to help us escape from the realities of this hectic world and go into a zone of nothing but complete bliss. Paintball is one of these games that help calm down and forget the stress of life. In paintball you are able to totally involve every part of your body to have the ultimate fun experience. Despite every game being about fun, they all have rules and regulations that should be observed all through the experience to ensure safety and fun. Of course without these rules, the games would be nothing but chaos all over the place. Therefore, to ensure that you and all the others involved in the game equally have a good time playing paintball, you need to follow the stipulated rules down to the very last one. The rules are categorized as shown below:


Safety rules

First and foremost, safety is the most crucial in a paintball game. The players are not allowed into the pitch without having their safety gear on. The whole regalia is not really necessary, but the helmet is a compulsory thing to have and none of the participants is allowed in without it, whether amateur or pro.

Another safety aspect is the inspection of all the firing equipments. All the guns are inspected and set to go off at the required velocity to avoid any unusual velocities. This is because, if the normal speed of the ball is exceeded, then the impact they have is high on the players and this might cause great harm.

Therefore, for yours and other players safety, do follow all the safety rules carefully to avoid any injuries.

To win in this game, players shoot their opponents with ball that upon impact burst to spill the paint inside of them. However, the rules are that the amount of spattered paint on the opponent should be significant for the hit to qualify to eliminate the hit player. The hit is not considered a qualified hit if the spatter is as a result of bounced paint from another surface.

In some fields hits are qualified differently. Some dictate that a hit is valid if any part of the opponents body is hit squarely. They also allow a hit if its on the marker or any other thing that the player has carried or has picked up along the course of their play. These things may include flags, posts or any other things.

In more advanced settings, there are also different rules. Some categories require that for a qualified elimination, a specific part of the body be hit so that there is elimination. This is of course in advanced stages where professional play.

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Paintball is mainly aimed at having fun together despite their being separate teams. When a player has a close range clear shot on an opponent, its recommended that the player gives the opponent a chance to surrender and get out of the game. This is because, close range shots are very painful and as such there is absolutely no need to inflict pain on the opponent. To signal the opponent to surrender, one can shout the word surrender or freeze to draw attention. With view of the outcome, the opponent is advised to raise up his hands as a sign of surrender. If the opponent tries any hostile action, the player has the go ahead to shoot without holding back. In other situations, where the player is not sure that the opponent is going to surrender, he/she is advised to shoot a point on the opponents body that is most likely not to cause any pain, for example, the boots.



Elimination of an opponent is always based on whether a shot made to a player spatters as required. In some cases the hit player may not be sure whether a hit made on him is valid or not. In this situation, the player may ask a partner to view the paint or in another situation the player can shout paint check. At this point the referee declares a seize fire while he inspects the player. During this, no player is allowed to fire on any side.

When a player is hit by the paintballs they get out of the play by first shouting the words am hit so that players dont mistake them and fire on them as they walk out.

One of the greatest offenses you can ever do in this game is rubbing the paint to hide the fact that you have been hit. This offense is by far the greatest and an insult to sportsmanship. The punishment for this is total elimination of a player from the playing zone.

With all the above rules, paintball can be a lot of fun if only they are followed. Therefore, please adhere to the rules very carefully and have fun playing. If you do choose to play paintball, good luck.

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