Tips You Need to Know as a Beginner in Paintball

The first time you ever play paintball more than likely you wont be very good at all. Over time as you get better equipment and play more games you will of course get better but why not speed up this process by learning the right tips and tricks to make you a better player. By learning these tips I have listed below you will increase your skill much faster and more than likely get more eliminations in your next game. A lot of these will seem like common sense but next time youre out playing and again think of what youve read here and youll see the difference right from the start.


Paintball Tips for a Beginner

Its no fun being eliminated over and over without getting many eliminations yourself. Instead of just getting frustrating and quitting the game altogether practice these tips and start having more fun immediately. Practicing performing these tips correctly over time and eventually you will become the most feared player at your local field. Make sure to always follow the basic rules in order to ensure your safety.


Dress Correctly

There are two different types of ways you can play paintball and that is woodsball and speedball. Woodsball is of course played out in the woods and speedball is played on a rectangular field with inflatable bunkers. If you are playing woodsball then it is essential to get the proper camouflage so you can hide much more effectively. When playing black isnt the way to go will still cause you to stick out like a sore thumb. You want the enemy to be able to overlook you if you are sitting completely still and this wont likely happen if your clothes dont properly blend in with your surroundings.

If youre playing speedball then you will want to buy a jersey that has the proper padding. This will allow you to slide around much easier on the field and the jersey want easily rip compared to normal clothing. Plus it is much easier to run in and thanks to the fabric it breathes much better as well so if it gets hot out you will be good to go.


Constantly Move

A problem that a lot of beginner players make is they simply dont move enough. If you are constantly sitting in one place it makes it easy for your enemy to pinpoint your position and easily flank you. If you are moving around often on the other hand they keep the enemy having to chase you and will often not know your position. The best time to move is of course when they are not looking and if you do it right you can get an angle on them and when they pop out you can easily shoot them.

Of course if you move too much you will wound up getting shot yourself. The main way to get better with movement is to act as if you are not afraid of getting shot and thinking tactically. Act as if youre already an elite player and move around how you think they would.



Ever heard the saying there is no I in team? Well in paintball if you really want to win you need to communicate properly with your teammates both during and before the match. If the enemy team knows your position then dont be afraid to talk to your teammates and ask for help. Give out the enemy positions as you see them and even plan strategies during the match as well. Planning a strategy before the match is extremely effective but everyone knows that plans dont always work out the way they should.

If you are getting serious about playing and you have a team then you might want to look into getting walkie-talkies. You can buy throat mics which actually allow you to be able to whisper and talk to your teammates. Having walkie-talkies can seriously improve you and your teams performance as well as make the game that much more fun.


Always Change it Up

Anything you do while playing paintball these to be changed up constantly or else the enemy will get used to what you are doing. For example dont pop your head out of the same place behind the bunker too many times. Change it up often and even go to the whole other side of the bunker or fort if need be. This way they cant just wait for you to pop your head back out and shoot you right away. Switching positions will cause them to move their barrel and have to realign where the paintballs are landing which gives you a second to aim and shoot them.

Another way to change it up especially if youre playing on a local field is to not run the same path over and over as well. Enemy players will quickly get used to where you go to every match so by switching it up you keep them constantly on their feet. Run down different trails, hide in different places, and even put yourself in places where you can shoot them if they go looking at your old spot.


Now Practice These Tips

Well I hope these paintball tips were very helpful to you and if you follow them correctly you will do much better from now on. Dont just stop here though go around and look for more tips and watch videos and listen to the better players and soon you will be an unstoppable force on the field. Paintball is all about having fun but by getting more eliminations and getting eliminated less you will now have more fun than ever.